The oscar winner Leonardo has registered a weibo account, which is the most popular social media. The fans were happy about it and they gave the warm welcome to him by all kinds of memes. Memes has been the favorite way to express emotion for the young people.

Since the invention of memes, they become very popular in the Internet. People like to use these funny pictures to express themselves. It works much better than typing the words. On the one hand, memes not only have the function to tell words, they also impress others by showing the lovely pictures. When people use these funny images, they feel so relax to communicate.

The memes has become part of the Internet culture. These hot emojis that are created by us are popular around the world. The NO.1 emoji is the round face smiles with tears, which means the awkward situation. Many foreigners join the team to use Chinese memes. This creative way to express our mood is much acceptable than words. The network language provides people more ways to communicate.