It is known to all that China has the largest population in the world. The large population brings many problems. The gap between the rich and the poor becomes more serious. But since the policy of family plan, the growth is slow down. It has been predicted that India’s population will surpass China in the future.

When talking about India, the first impression for me is Bollywood. Bollywood produces a lot of Indian movies every year. The hottest movie during recent years is Three Idiots. It reveals the Indian problem in a humorous way. As India gets more population, but the economy is not that boom. Most people live in the low life standard. Thus, becoming a engineer is every young people’s dream, so that they can change their fates. 

There is something in common between China and India. Both has the large population and the economy develops fast. But China’s population has been controlled while India’s not. So there is no doubt that India will have the largest population in the future.