Since the end of last century, Chinese economy developed very fast and it brought some chances to part of people, helping them earn a lot of money. When their children was born, people called them the rich second generation. The public always read some negative news about these rich guys, their label seemed to be young and reckless. But it is not true for all.
自上世纪末以来,中国的经济发展非常快, 给一部分人带来了机遇,让他们赚了很多钱。他们的孩子出生时,人们称他们为富二代。公众对这些有钱人总是看到一些负面新闻,他们的标签似乎年轻和不计后果的。但并不是所有的富二代都这样。

We must realize that those second rich generation who are reported in the news are negative image. The rich people belong to small part of it and most people are still struggling in the well-off level. So these negative image can help to ease their jealousness. What’s more, the negative news is always easy to catch the public’s attention and raise them to discuss. That’s the value of news report.

Let’s take a look at the real rich second generation. They are born in the rich family and surely to win over most kids. But they know they have to learn, as so to compete with other excellent guys. They have the good resouces and they can make use of them, which help them to be skillful and knowledgable. 

This is the true about these rich kids, as the common kid, we have no reason to give up studying.