Nowadays, a new type of love is not accepted in most situation, it is the office love. In some companies, there is the rule to forbid office love, because the boss believes that it is not good for running the business, the relationship will distract the employees’ attention.

Why office love is always happening, even the young people know it is not allowed. It is because when these young girls and boys work together all the day, they are easy to fall in love with each other. It is the natural reaction, they know each other well and realize the shinning point. 

In order to keep the relationship, the young couples have to lie to everybody and pretend nothing is happening. But the awkward situations happen sometimes, they have to deal very carefully. But most companies won’t interfere the personal emotion, they believe that it is the employees’ right to handle their emotion. The companies have the job for the employees, they can do whatever they want when they finish their job.
为了维持恋情,年轻的情侣们不得不欺骗大家,假装什么也没有发生。但有时尴尬的情况会发生,他们必须非常谨慎地处理好。但大多数公司不会干涉个人的情感,他们认为这是员工的权利去处理他们的情绪。公司分配给员工工作 ,当他们完成他们的工作,该干嘛就干嘛去。

Office love is nothing special, don’t give the pressure to the young people.