In the old China, when the girls and boys were 18, their parents started to make some plans for them to get marry. But in the modern time, the young people have the strong sense of independence, so they will not marry in the early age. Most parents feel worried and force their children to get married. Everybody should marry for love.

Leftover women have been the common situation, it means there are more and more girls who are over 30 are still not married, the society laughed at them and disdain them. What’s more, most traditional parents feel shameful if their kids still not married over 30. So they arrange the blind date and hope their kids to get married as soon as possible, some parents even force the children to finish this big thing. 

It is obvious that divorce rate is increasing, most of them are young couples, they are young and reckless. Some couples married too quickly before they know each other well. The pressure from parents also part of the divorce. So don’t marry before you make sure, the true love worths to wait.