It is commonly known thatdrunken driving is a taboo to drivers, for alcohol can penetrate into people's blood, affect their brain and lead to traffic accidents.However,many drivers today drive even when they are intoxicated, either for their personal habits or for business reasons.


Drunken driving can be very disastrous.For one thing, it can bring about disasters to the victims, who are either killed or severely injured in the accidents.For another, it is harmful to the driver himself, and the driver should at least be partly responsible for it.Furthermore, drunken driving jeopardizes the security and stability of the society.

醉酒驾驶是 灾难性的。一方面,它会给受害者带来灾难,他们或是在事故中丧生,或是受重伤。另一方面,这对司机本身也是有害的,司机至少应该负一部分责任。另外,醉酒驾驶危机社会安全和稳定。

There are many ways to reduce drunken driving.Firstly, there should be a provision in the law to prevent people from driving when they are drunk.Secondly, the mass media should also play a role in publicizing the hazards of drunken driving as well as in educating people to obey the traffic rules.Last but not least, the drivers should establish a strong sense of responsibility for others as well as for themselves. After all, life is the most important.