Nowadays, with the development of the society, it's greatly need the people who master integrated skills, so that there are a growing number of people attend training classes to master more skills to get a good job. However, whether people should attend training classes or not, the answers vary from person to person. As far as I am concerned, it is necessary to attend training classes for the following reasons.


First of all, our society is developing rapidly, and the requirements for jobs have changed gradually. Previously, people can finish their job as long as they master a skill. But now, situations have changed. Computer skill, language ability and knowledge about law are needed for an employee, which helps them go further in their career. 


Besides, when we attend the training class, we can meet many people work in other fields. It's a good time for us to know something new about other fields conveniently. And we can get more information about their fields that would be very helpful to our career. 


Finally, all of us should hold the idea that it's never too late to learn. Learning is the only way to keep pace with the society and attending training classes may be the most effective way.


From the discussion above, we can conclude that it is necessary and worthwhile for us to attend training classes because of its great importance.