The Internet has created a new space for human activities including writing. A growing number of people tend to record their thoughts and feelings in the blogs. However, some people would submit abusive posters and spread rumors on their blogs, which has caused a series of negative consequences. So far as I am concerned, the bloggers should shoulder their responsibilities when writing blogs.


       The awareness of responsibility is quit essential in the blog writing. On the one hand, the blog online has provided for us a good way to express our opinions. We are enjoying so much freedom and convenience. In the meantime, we can make friends and communicate with other people. Our vision will probably be broadened and our life will be greatly enriched. On the other hand, the bloggers should be responsible for what they've said in the blogs since the inappropriate remarks may hurt other people's feelings or even produce other serious results. Therefore, it's necessary for us to think twice before writing. Only in this way can our life be better and the Internet will be clean and healthy.


      In conclusion, the bloggers should take their responsibilities while enjoying the freedom of writing in the blogs.