Recently,a doctor in a hospital emergency room was treating a man with a broken arm.He asked how the accident had happened.
   "So,what about the broken arm?"the doctor asked.The patient told him he wouldn't believe it,but this is what happened.
    He was in the bathroom preparing to take a shower when he suddenly heard terrible scream from his wife in the living room.Without waiting to dress,he rushed into the living room and found his wife pointing under the couch,yelling"Snake,snake!"He grabbed a broom and was on his hands and knees looking under the couch when the family's dog wandered into the roon.The dog walked up behind him and touched him with his cold,wet nose.For the man,already on edge and expecting to confront a snake,that cold nose was quite a shock;he lunged forward so violently that he hit the edge of the couch and knocked himself out.His wife,thinking that her husband had had a heart attack,called the rescue squad.They arrived and loaded the man up onto the stretcher.He suddenly revived and insisted that he was quite all right and that they should put the stretcher down.They panicked and dropped the stretcher with the man on it.In attempting to break his fall,he broke his arm instead.Well,the two rescue squad men suddenly looked down and saw a long snake crawling out from undr the couch at their feet.