Economic Crimes
    With the deveopment of economy, the crime rate keeps increasing. Particulady, economic delinquency. Various types of crimes have appeared and all kinds of means have been used hy criminals. What is worth noticing is that economic crimes have become a prominent social phenomenon in China and their impact has formed obstacles to the Chinese economy and social structure.
    Crimes originate from the desire for money, Criminals are stimu lated by the temptation of money. In order to get money, they will do everything without considering the state benefit. As a resak, graft and corruption have become common practice. In the mean time, our law leaves much lo be desired so that some criminals take advantage of the loopholes of it.
    In order to change this situation to keep crime from rising, we should establish a complete system of law. The law is expected to play a positive role in the protection of national interests, and severely punish those who venture to hreak it. And then we should strengthen the education of our cadres and people, and make sure that everyone knows the law and abide by the law.