Almost all students pay great attention on grades because those who get high scores are considered as winners. Hence, students are trying their best to get high grades. Some people argue that high scores stand for students’ ability. Some people believe that scores not equal to students’ ability to handle things. In my opinion, I think that grades have nothing to do with ability. Reasons are listed below.


First of all, grades can’t represent students’ ability to handle things. Most tests need students to recite things. Those who have good memory can get good scores from this kind of test. However, our society needs talents who have great skills in handling things which we can obtain by experience rather than getting good scores by testing. On this point, scores can’t prove students’ practical ability.


Secondly, grades can be faked. It is a common phenomenon that many students will cheat in the exams. In order to get high scores, students will use every possible means to cheat in the exam. So, scores are not trustable.


In conclusion, scores stand for nothing related to students’ practical ability. Besides, we can’t believe grades because they could be faked.