For recent years, a huge number of students prefer to take the civil servant exam in order to enter the government because of the great welfare they can get from the government. Some people encourage students to go for this civil servant craze. Some people persuade students not to go for this craze. For me, I think the reason why students go for civil servant craze is listed below.


First of all, government jobs are secure. Almost all government jobs are rather stable. You can get high salary, abundant retire pension and other benefits by working as a government employee.


Secondly, people can get high status by working as a civil servant. Not like the other kinds of jobs, if you enter into the government, you can not only get a relatively comfortable job, but the most importantly, you can get your status to some extent.


Thirdly, high pressure of finding jobs attribute people’s craze for civil servant. For recent year, the numbers of students is surging sharply. Consequently, it is tough for people to find satisfied jobs. Hence, students will choose to take the civil servant exams when they graduate.


All in all, students should make clear plans for their career and shouldn’t take civil servant craze as others do.