It is true that nowadays people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of health. However, different people have different ways to keep healthy. For instance, some people exercise every day to chase or keep a good body shape; others try to keep a balanced diet. In my point of view, i think the best way to stay healthy is the combination of proper physical exercise and a balanced diet. The reasons can be listed as follows.


  For one thing, physical exercise not only builds a person’s body, but also helps to reduce his or her unnecessary fat. Indeed, this is very important since the redundancy of fat has been medically proved to be a cause of various disease, some of which are even fatal, like diabetes or hyperglycemia.


  For another, a balanced diet can provide a person with the right kind and amount of nutrition which is required for the operation of our organs. As we know, a multitude of elements are effective in keeping our body running properly and a deficiency in any of them will result in some unpredictable disease, but a balance diet may prevent this from happening.


  It goes without saying that the best way to stay healthy is taking proper physical exercise plus living on a balanced diet. In a word, both physical exercise and proper diet are essential to health.