In nowadays, it is quite common that we compete with each other for various competitions. However, it is also essential for people to cooperate with each other for we are members of society. When confront with cooperation and competition, people seems to have a difficult time in choosing them. Some people tend to compete with each other for they believe they can win rewards by defeating others. Some hold that we should cooperate with each other. Some think that we should not only cooperate with others but we should compete with others as well. In my opinion, I think that competing is more important for us. Reasons are listed below.


First of all, competing is more important than cooperation in our society. In school, we compete with others by doing better in our study. When we are looking for jobs, we compete with others applying for the same position. When we go to a competition, we fight with others for rewards or fame.


Secondly, we can be stronger by competing. If we want to win others, then we have to be stronger than others. Thus, we have to improve ourselves constantly. Consequently, our skills will be enhanced and we will get more experience to avoid failure.


In conclusion, competition plays an important role in our society as well as we can become stronger.