Nowadays, there are more and more movies base on the literary masterpiece appeared, especially the popular fiction, were filmed as TV series and welcomed by audiences. For many pop novels, the TV producers are set to re-shoot the plays. Reading the original version simply does not seem as popular as it once was. As far as i concern, i prefer the original one.


On the one hand, the movie scenes are not comparable to the charm of words. Movie is limited by many factors, such as the story historical background, the description of the senses, which is the biggest problem to movie producer. It is almost impossible to create similar scenes to the original one hundred percent. Besides, the actor’s performance can not be ignored. Some characters have a special personality charm; it is a big challenge for actors to recreate it on the screen.


On the other hand, movie deprived the pleasure of reading. When we are reading a book, we could create a scene base on the words in our mind, we could imagine the looks of leading role whatever we like. It is fascinating that the world in the book reappears in our head. However,the movie is too much intuitive and specific, we could see exactly what is on the screen, which is not good for our imagination.


In my point of view, i prefer the original ones rather than the movie. I enjoy the pleasure of reading, which the film cannot be compared.