With the wide spread of hamburger Restaurant, especially the McDonald and KFC, our children are exposed to these kinds of high calorie food.Therefore, some people worry that if our children eat too much hamburgers, then they would gain weight quite easily. Some people argue that hamburgers do no bad to children’s health. Standing on my point of view, I suggest that children shouldn't eat hamburgers. Reasons are listed below. 


 First of all, eating hamburgers leads to fat. It is known to all that all the hamburgers are junk food containing high calorie and high fat while low nutrition. If our children eat them often, then they will be gaining weight easily. What’s worse, they will be dystrophic so as to affect body development.


Secondly, eating hamburgers often will cause cancer. Most hamburgers are fried food. It is investigated that if we eat fried food often, then we will be easy to get cancer.


All in all, though hamburgers are popular around the world, they are classified into the circle of junk food because it will lead to fat and even cause cancer if our children eat too many. So, we shouldn’t take our children to eat hamburgers.