The first summer holiday came to me as expected after I accomplish my first year in college. I know I’m never a freshman from now on. As a young man, I try a variety of ways to make my summer holiday colorful and meaningful. When it comes to the most significant things of my summer holiday, it is the experience of being a teacher.
To be honest, I’m a teacher who is one in a million. Wow? I have only one student who is three years junior to me. Moreover, I’m not paid. He is my friend. However, he somehow has great trouble learning English, leading to a poor grade in English final exams. I felt it my duty to assist students around me.
The next few days, he came to my house every morning and I share some important experience with him on English learning from my own perspective. I help to correct his grammar mistakes and tell him it’s of significance to memorize some good sentences.
It looks like a small thing, but it can be educational to me and him. Firstly, I gain an extra experience of a teacher, more accurate, an English teacher. Secondly, both he and I are happy for we cooperate to achieve the target. You know, it’s a kind of pure happiness to help those who are in need of it. One should never give up for there is always someone ready to give you a hand.