Graduation is a time of moving on, further studies, or out into the society? There are a lot of choices which we are supposed to make and we are emotional at the graduation season. What’s more, we usually have a variety of activities about graduation, such as taking photos, having a class party, leaving words to each other in our memory collections, exchanging gifts between friends to memorize our friendship, giving teacher presents to express our thanks.
However, we have mixed emotions about farewell. We want to spend more time having fun and working with each other, but we have to move on. Facing many choices about our future makes us confused; meanwhile the coming farewell makes us sentimental. As long as these feelings come along, we have to deal with it. We should know that after graduation we will learn more and be more experienced. Being apart with our friends and classmates is temporary, next time we meet each other, we will live a better life and share our different colorful experiences with each other.
Graduation will come sooner or later whether we are ready or not. Let’s make great efforts for our future.