With the change of society, campus love has become a common phenomenon. However, people have conflicting views on this phenomenon. And heated debates are right on their way.

Some people prefer to say that love will bring some bad influences to students’ study. They point out that those who fall in love will pay more attention to their relationship and they will lag behind in study. Especially, when they are disappointed in a love affair, they would be in low spirit and have no willingness to learn any more. Therefore, campus love should not be encouraged. But others, in the contrary, claim that love is an impetus for their study. Love can bring some comfort and warmth to them. For this reason, they can get more power to learn. In addition, being crossed in love is a chance for them to realize themselves and others clearer. And they believed that they will be more mature after that.

In my point of view, there is something in the first view but the second view has more convincingness. Therefore, when we fall in love, it would be better if we can deal with the relationship well between love and study.