Animal Farm tells a story that one day the animals overthrow the farmer Mr. Jones, and found their own regime, called "Animal Farm”. They adopt Seven Commandments of Animalism, of which the most important is "All animals are equal”. Pigs are the leaders of the operation of the newly start-up farm.Thanks to the right lead of the pigs and selfless and hardworking of all animals, the Animal Farm develops good enough to their demands.
    However, the leaders separate into two factions soon after. As a result, Snowball is expelled by Napoleon as a betrayer. Although many animals remember that Snowball is a brave leader, they firmly believe they were wrong and Snowball is a bad animal indeed after brainwashing Napoleon offered. What’s more, the Seven Commandments of Animalism had also been changed. Finally, the Animal Farm becomes quite different from what they hope it to be at the beginning.
    From the novel; I expressively feel the great power of faith. With the faith of Animalism, they finally found their regime, and struggle the equal from humans. And because of the faith, Napoleon can still rule the wretched animals, even though Snowball has gone. In our daily life, faith is indispensable as well. Faith just as flame, guiding us and supporting us when we feel frustrated as well as every time we need power to keep going ahead. When the Animal Farm is in mess, the animals still believe in their faith and Animalism. As to us, this believing is needed. Sometimes we may think we are in a wrong road to our dream, or we lose heart of ourselves, considering we aren't as well as respect, we need believe. A strong faith just likes a protection, and we are protected by it from kinds of difficulties.