It is a common phenomenon that a great number of people are tending to keep pets at home. People worry whether keeping pets at home are good for people. Some people say that pets can bring us happiness and help us in some special cases. However, some people believe that keeping pet is a waste of time and money. As for me, I think pets bring us happiness. Reasons are listed below.


First of all, we won’t feel so lonely if we keep pets. For most people, they are working outside while they don’t have any companions by their side. Hence, if they raise pets, then they can play with pets rather than stay alone. Besides, most people deem pets as their best friends. When people feel depressed, then they can talk to their pets to relieve themselves.


Secondly, pets can help us in some special cases. You can ask your pets to do certain things for you to some extent. For example, we have many trained dogs that can guide the blind people to anywhere they want as if those dogs are their eyes.


All in all, keeping pets at home benefits us a lot. When we are depressed, pets can make us happy. What’s more, pets can help us in certain situations.