Nowadays, part-time job has become a hot topic in our life, especially among college students. A large number of people do one or several part-time jobs even though they have their full-time one. As far as I am concerned, part-time job has both advantages and disadvantages.

In the first place, doing a part-time job is a good choice to increase our extra income. This is the most important reason that people choose to do it. Second, it is an essential way to collect our experience in different fields. By taking various part-time jobs, we can experience different situation and learn various knowledge, and then improve our ability of solving problem. These will provide something useful for our future career. In addition, taking part-time job will be good for finding and developing our interest, especially for those who have no idea for their interest and future career direction.

However, taking part-time job also has its disadvantages. For example, those people have to share their attention and energy to different jobs and can’t concentrate on their full-time job if they take a part-time one.

Taking above into consideration, I advocate that we should balance our energy and attention between the part-time job and the full-time one so that we can display our best ability in different jobs.