For adapting to the demand of job market, most university students tend to choose some practical courses, such as finance or computer science, because they are told that these courses will make more contribution to their future job hunting than traditional ones. As a result, some people suggest that universities should give priority to practical courses for students. However, for my part, I consider that traditional courses should be given equal priority in education.

Many reasons can account for my views and the following are the most essential aspects. To begin with, taking employment into consideration, traditional courses have provided the most basic knowledge and cultures which have great impact on job hunting and character shaping. Therefore, if universities give priority to practical courses, more and more students will choose these and that will cause the unbalance of employment. Furthermore, out of the need in nation development, traditional course is the most important way for students to inherit our native root cultures. Under the development of globalization, inheriting and keeping our specific culture character is an important strategy in our nation development.

After a thorough consideration, I maintain that universities should give equal priority to both traditional courses and practical courses so that our nation can keep our unique character when keeping pace with the development of globalization.