In recent years, distant education has generally been brought into the public focus. A large number of universities have offered open courses on the internet. However, just as the saying goes, “so many people, so many minds.” People from different backgrounds take divergent views concerning this case.

Those who have already benefited from practicing it sing high praise of it. They come up with the attitude that distant education has provided a wider way for students to learn various cultures around all over the world. It is a more convenient way for students to broaden their horizon. However, there are also some others who contend that various kinds of open courses on the internet will bring some chaos to students. Students who are exposed to too many different courses and cultures will have difficulty in distinguishing the passive ones and the opposite.

Taking into consideration both sides of the issue, I am inclined to be on the side of the former opinion. I strongly approve of the motion that distant education is a convenient and important way for students to get in touch with foreign culture, especially for those who major in foreign language learning. But at the same time, I also advocate that students should pay more attention to choose proper subjects rather than accept them entirely.