In recent years, it is a prevalent phenomenon inChinathat many students go abroad to study at their early age. Just as the saying goes, “so many people, so many minds.” It is quite understandable that views on this issue vary from person to person.

Some people contend that oversea at an early age has proved to bring many disadvantages. They claim that those who go abroad at an early age will feel difficult to adapt to the foreign surroundings because studying abroad requires higher language ability. In addition, those students who are sent to foreign country will not be easy to learn improve ability and knowledge if they have not mastered their native culture. What’s more, studying abroad will have some bad impacts on students’ morals, values and beliefs.

However, the others stand on the opposite side. They argue that studying abroad at an early age is another choice for students to development, compared with the college entrance examination. Furthermore, students can get in touch with various cultures when they are studying abroad so that they can broaden their horizon.

As a matter of fact, I am convinced that its disadvantages far outweigh than its advantages. I consider that studying abroad is more suitable for college students because they have some ability to cope with their own matters.