Nowadays, credit card consumption has been a common phenomenon in our lives. However, different people hold different views in it and heated debates are right on their way.

Some are in favor of the credit card consumption. They point out the fact that credit card provides a convenient and safe way for our consumptions. They consider that using credit card to pay is more convenient and clean than pay by cash, which is as easy to lose and unclean. In addition, they argue that credit card can help a lot when we are meeting serious financial trouble. For example, when we get involved in trouble and need lots of money to solve it, the overdraw function of credit card would be a good helper.

However, there are many people standing on the other ground. They figure out that credit card consumption has brought some serious problems in many aspects. Many people spend their money recklessly by using credit card. And what’s worse, those who can not control the desire to consume and never make a plan to spend their money will overdraw the money immoderately and that will cause more and more family involve in financial crisis.

In my opinion, the both sides have some important points. Therefore, as rational consumers, we should use credit card properly. On the one hand, we can utilize its advantages for the convenience of our payment. On the other hand, we should keep a rational mind when using it, in case we will suffer from it.