With the fast development of economy and society, many problems have been appeared and caused some negative impacts on our lives. Energy shortage is one of the most serious problems in the world.

Many reasons can account for energy shortage. In the first place, the demand for energy has been substantial increased as various industries develop rapidly. Moreover, the population growth is another factor. As the time elapses, the increasing number of population has required more energy for living and working and other areas. Last but not least, wasting energy is a great serious and common phenomenon all the time.

In order to solve the problem, all of us should go into action together. For one thing, we should try our best to find out the renewable energy to replace the energy that we consumed most. For another, everyone should develop the concept that energy is limited and we have to form a habit to save energy. And we can save energy in our lives by starting from small details, such as turn off the light when leaving.

In a word, energy shortage has been a big and serious problem in the world. Therefore, we should make our efforts to solve it by finding new renewable energy and saving energy and any other possible ways.