It is often seen that many donation cars park along road so that it would be convenient for people to donate blood. Some people are very glad to donate because they believe their blood can be helpful for others who are in need. Some people are reluctant to donate their blood for they hold that they may be infected with other disease. In my opinion, I think people should donate blood. Reasons are as follows.


First of all, donating blood will benefit others. Generally, hospitals need lots of blood for those critically ill patients and those who have accident. Hence, hospitals will store amounts of blood in blood bank in case of emergency. By donating blood, we can fill the blood bank and ensure doctors enough blood to save patients’ life.


Secondly, we will be healthier by donating blood. If we keep on donating blood, then our hematopoietic function will be strengthened.  So the blood viscosity will be lower and the velocity of blood flow will speed up. Consequently, it will help people to relieve or prevent high blood viscosity.


 In conclusion, by donating blood, not only can we help others to some extent, but also we can be healthier.