In the current seriously competitive environment, while enterprise chooses talent, talent also chooses enterprise.In this two way selection, enterprise wants to raise its competition. That is to attract more excellent talent.So how the enterprise attract excellent talent is the most important question that each enterprise needs to think carefully and solve. As the enterprise employer, how to attract people’s heart?
We need to build a first good impression to attract talent by telephone communication. If we make a call to the candidate for the first communication, then the first impression of telephone communication may decide whether the candidate has interest to the enterprise and whether they will come to the interview or not.  
The telephone invitation process is like telephone sales. Special and professional introduction always make the candidate patiently listening, and choose to ask the most attention question can attract the candidate’s concern. This is also the professional skill of an interview officer must own.
High payment and benefits attract talent. It is said that there are always men under the high payment. Good payment and treatment is the basic condition for employee attraction.
Attract the talent by the interview process. The candidate’s first impression to the enterprise is very important, it’s called primacy effect. They will judge the company by the reception’s attitude, company’s environment, working atmosphere. So, good interview process and clear communication process is the necessary condition of the candidate’s first impression.