As cars are more affordable nowadays, the number of private car owners spurs. With cars, we can go anywhere anytime we want. However, for the sake of protecting our environment and of the public travelling convenience, it is a bad news.


First, more private cars mean more pollution. As the number of private cars increases sharply, the off gas surges. Consequently, the air quality is decreasing and even affects our health. In consideration of our environment and our health, I don’t think private cars bring us good to both our planet’s environment and our health.


Second, people are tending to drive cars themselves going to work so that the traffic jam is serious in most cities. Whenever you go and look around in cities, you can see lots of cars not only parking along the road but also runs on the street. Especially around morning and evening, you can hardly move a step if you drive a car because of the heavy traffic. No matter how many roads the government has built, without lessening the number of the private cars, the need for road is always bigger than the supplied. Therefore, the most effective way is to encourage people take public transportation so that we can facilitate ourselves and also others.


All in all, private cars are so convenient for us to getting around. However, take our air environment, our health and the convenience of public life into account; we shouldn’t encourage people to buy more private cars. Instead, we should persuade people to take public transportation as often as possible to make our environment better and better.