Nowadays, an increasing number of people are willing to serve as volunteers especially the university students in that they consider that volunteering is not only a great contribution to our society and those who are in need, but also improves themselves in many aspects.


For one thing, there is no doubt that volunteering makes contribution to our society and people in need. The volunteers provide their assistance without requiring any financial rewards. Their contributions have a great impact on harmony society contribution.


For another, serving as a volunteer is also beneficial to the volunteers themselves. They can improve their communication skills when providing help for others. One of the examples is that the university students who serve in Canton Fair will get a great chance to practical their English and get in touch with different kinds of people as well as broad their horizon. In addition, by serving as different kinds of volunteers, they are easier to understand themselves and know in which fields they are interested.


In a word, volunteering has brought many benefits to our society, those who are in need as well as the volunteers themselves. Therefore, let us enjoy the time when serving as a volunteer.