Nowadays, with the occurrence of new consumption way like credit card consumption and variety of financial plans and loans provided by banks and other institutions, a growing number of people have advocated using tomorrow’s money. However, as far as I am concerned, saving money is a good habit and we should keep it all the time.


There is an old saying that “a penny saved is a penny earned”. The saying reveals that no matter what situation we are in, it is necessary and useful to make some preparation for unpredictable emergencies. In modern times, it is quite necessary to collect some money at any time to deal with changeable situation. What’s more, saving money is not only a good habit but also an essential course in one’s lifetime. What we need to learn is not only to earn money but also learn to manage our money properly instead of spending unlimitedly. And saving money should be a part of our financial plan as well as we should be the master of money rather than being controlled by money.


Therefore, saving money is a good habit, but I do not contend that we should not spend money at all and become a mean man. I am just saying that we should keep the habit of saving money and spend money according to our plan.