Recently, procrastination has been brought to public focus because of a song which gives a very proper description of it. Procrastination is an unnecessary behavior that would cause bad consequence, which has been a significant subject in management and psychology.


As a matter of fact, most of us have some symptoms of procrastination. However, in my opinion, we can get rid of it by following these suggestions.


First of all, it’s essential to come to realize that procrastination is totally unnecessary. We can do many things on time on most occasions without any procrastination. Therefore, we have to be determined to eliminate it as much as possible. Second, we should try to find out the reasons why we procrastinate so that we can take actions to eliminate it step by step. Last but not least, it is wise for us to get rid of other disturbances deliberately when we are working or studying, such as QQ and mobile phone. If we can do that, we will find that it will be easier to concentrate on our work or study.


In a word, procrastination has bad impacts on our lives and we should eliminate it as much as possible.