In recent years, as environment protection has been brought to public focus to a large extent, taxing private car owners for pollution has also been concerned a lot among people. For my point of view, private car owners should be taxed for pollution.


We can see that the idea will bring some benefits. To begin with, taxing private car owners is conducive to reduce environment pollution as well as health harm in that we all know that the gas emission of private cars have done a lot of harm to our environment and our body. With this tax, the private car owners will be inclined to reduce the use of car to ease their financial burden. In addition, carrying out this tax will slow down the increase of private car. Those who want to buy a private car will take the tax into account before they decide to buy a car. Finally, taxing private car owners will be a great warn of environment pollution and arouse the awareness of environment protection.


In a long term, taxing private car owners is beneficial to our sustainable development and environment protection. To put it in a nutshell, private car owners should be taxed for pollution.