Nowadays, more and more people are more concerned about their health than their income and the methods they take to keep fit vary from person to person. For my point of view, there are basic principles to keep fit—reasonable diet, regular work and rest, appropriate exercise and a good mood.


For one thing, I believe that no one will fail to notice the importance of reasonable diet, regular work and rest and appropriate exercise. Only we keep our life regular may we be in good the whole day and keep the disease away from us. And doing exercise has an additional effect for our bodies’ normal operation.


For another, keeping a good mood is also essential for us to keep healthy. Some people do not understand why they still feel not well even though their life is regular. That is because they have too much stress in their mind and cannot relieve it, especially when they are in busy, and even some of them do not have any awareness of the influence that their stress brings to them. Therefore, except for the regular life and exercise, we need to keep a good mood and relieve negative moods in time as much as possible. Although it is hard to achieve when we encounter some unpleased matters, we still need to try our best to do it, or try to shorten the time we are in negative moods.


In a word, no matter which kind of methods we take to keep fit, do not go far away from these basic principles. Only in this way can we get a better effect.