I woke up in this clear, early winter morning and was attracted by the scenery outside my window. Everything was embraced by the heavy mist; the rays of the rising sun and the serene heaven were dissolved into the lavender mist, looming. The faint fragrance of dewdrops hanging on the bare twigs tempted me into contemplation.


My contemplation was about the question: to whom my thankfulness should pay on Thanksgiving Day.


Initially, I would thank my parents. It is the parents who give me life and have played an unsubordinated role of the process of our language learning and walking. They used their warm palms to receive me to come into this world; the very moment I opened my eyes, their wide smiles were greeting me. They whispered the first word into my ears, softly; they held my hands to lead me to tread my first step, firmly. Although the ability of learning language was innate, parents taught me how to speak and communicate; although my legs were inborn, parents assisted me to stand uprightly and walk like a human. I have been appreciating to my parents, for they lift my sorrow with their shoulders notwithstanding their own pressure.


Then, I would like to thank my experience, especially the bitter part of my life. I would thank the misery during my growing process, for it has taught me to treasure the limited happy moment; I would thank the loneliness due to the strong will and uncommon patience it has given me.


Finally, the no less gratitude should be given to my friends, classmates, and peers. I would thank those people who are more excellent than me, for the simple reason that they set the example and goal for me to surpass; simultaneously, I would pay my thankfulness to those who fall behind me because of the confidence which I gain from my exceeding position. Definitely, I also thank the people who never fail to treat me kind and smile at me. Through them, I have been encouraged and have seen the characteristic of humans’ softness.


Night began to fall; the daylight was fading inches by inches. However, the appreciation I mentioned above would lie in my deepest mind, never fade.