For thousands of years in China, helping others has been a virtue in traditional Chinese culture.But nowadays, the virtue seems no longer exist, for many people dare not offer help to those in need, for fear of getting into trouble. This issue has been a hot topic in the news, and the public is in a high fever to discuss this moral problem. Some people think that helping others is a virtue in China, we should proud of it and carry forward this culture, or it will lead to a moray degeneration. While the rest of them think helping others many get lots of unnecessary troubles which is wasting their time and money, in some situation, they may go into jail. In my point of view, people should be good to others.


There is no doubt that some tragic event was a trap by some bad people for blackmail money. The most common case is that an old lady or man was lying on the ground and claiming someone was knocked them down, then their children will ask the warm-hearted “evil man” for a pretty penny. I heard a case that a young man helps an old lady who was hit by a car, but the old lady insisted that the young man was the one who hit her. The innocent man has not proved that he is not the criminal so he lost the lawsuit, he has no choice but accept the verdict. Then the poor guy commits a suicide because he has no money for compensation. This famous case has aroused public debate over the climate of morality and credibility, and many people sigh over the moral degeneration. This case like an alarm to that kind, warm-hearted and helpful people, they wanted to give a hand but fare of getting into trouble.

毫无疑问地有些悲剧事件是一些坏人为了敲诈钱财弄出来的全套.最常见的套路就是一老妇人或者老头躺在地上,声称某人撞到他们,然后他们的孩子就会问那个好心的 “坏人”要一大笔钱财.我听说过一个案子,就是一个年轻人帮助了一个被车撞倒的老妇人,但是那个老妇人坚称是那个年轻人把她给撞倒了。那个年轻人没有证据去证明他不是那个肇事者,所以他输了官司,他别无选择,只能接受审判。然后这个可怜的年轻人因为没有钱支付赔偿金而自杀了。这个著名的案子激起了公众对道德与信任的讨论,许多人都认为这是道德衰败的表现。这个案子给那些好心,热心爱帮助人的人们敲响了警钟,他们想帮助人,但是又怕卷进麻烦。

As the saying goes: one good turn deserves another. Helping other is a positive energy which deserved to be carrying forward. Since every one of us is a component of the society, it is each individual’s conducts that form social morality. I believe positive emotions can be infected, once people see the others are offering help, they might get a big chance of willing to help others. Just put yourself in other’s position, if it is you who need help, what would you feel if everyone watches indifferently or suspiciously, some even just standing and taking pictures then upload? Be good to others, no only one day you might need help, but also helping others will make you feel happy and feel better about life.


In sum, I contend the idea that social environment is necessary for people to be good to others, and people should take the responsibility to offer help to those in need, then we build up a more harmonious society.