Now more and more people are keen on various certificates no matter whether he or she is in college or not. My friend was surprised when she saw a man in his forties sitting next to her and working on his accounting paper with struggle. Why they are so addicted to certificates is my concern.


From my perspective, there are various kinds of purposes. First of all, through working on a certificate, college students can gain more knowledge and skills aside from their own major. What’s more, the more certificates students get, the more accesses they have to be offered good jobs. Therefore, students choose to work on certificates, such as CET 4, CET 6 or CAP, and so on. Secondly, people in work want to get promotions. Companies need professional employees to meet with need of the company’s development or our society’s development. Thirdly, some college students, like me, want to live a meaningful and fruitful college life.


As far as I am concerned, we should choose to work on proper certificates, so that we can save our time to develop our practical ability.