As the booming of information technology, e-books have flew into our daily life and also bring us a lot of convenience. More and more people would rather buy e-books than traditional books. Some of them even hold the opinion that e-books will replace traditional books one day. The reasons are as following.


Firstly, as computers and telephones are available, people have more access to e-books. E-books can be downloaded easily with little or no money on many websites. E-books become a fashion among young people. They can get whatever book they want without the restriction of time and place as long as they have a telephone or a computer. Secondly, traditional books not only take up a lot of space, but also cost us abundant money. Even if we buy second hand books, we pay a lot. While e-books take nearly no space, we can carry it easily. Last but by no mean the last, we can share e-books with friends and make full use of them easily as long as we have Bluetooth.


From my perspective, traditional books waste paper that would destroy the environment. In the long run, e-books have more advantages over traditional ones. As long as the problem of protecting the eyes is solved and the society becomes more developed, e-books will replace the traditional books.