In recent years, being a village official has become the first choice of many college graduates. To this phenomenon, different people have different opinions on it.


Some people hold the positive attitude towards it. First, they consider it's an effective way to ease employment pressure in major cities as well as satisfy the need for talent in rural areas. Besides, the government is trying to encourage college students to seek jobs in under-developed regions. Second, college students have a great deal of knowledge which can make contribution to more people. Last but not least, college students also can broaden their eye in the countryside as well as improve their adaptability to different circumstances, both of which are believed to be beneficial to their future development.


However, others are against it. In their opinion, if college students work as a village official, they can't apply their professional knowledge that they learn in school. Worse still, they can't meet their parents' aim that lives a comfortable life in the major city.


As far as I'm concerned, I consider working as a village official is worth promoting. It's feasible that some graduates may employ the job as a spring-board in order to receive the favorable treatment. With the participation of so many college students, we have reasons to believe that it will not take unduly long to realize the blueprint of constructing new village jobs for graduates.