Traditional marriage proposals could soon be consigned to the history books – with almost half of them now happening at home in front of the TV.

A study of newlyweds has found modern men are ditching age-old traditional proposal custom in favour of a more lacklustre approach.

The study found only a third of men now go down on one knee to pop the question as their fathers and grandfathers’ generations would have done.

And the age-old tradition of asking the bride’s father for her hand in marriage is also on the verge of dying out with 63% of recently married males claiming they “didn’t bother”.

Even the idea of picking a romantic location to propose has fallen by the wayside, with the typical ‘Will you marry me?’ now most likely to take place at home.

十大热门求婚地点 猜猜第一名是哪里?

Only six percent bothered to take their partner abroad on holiday – but the same number of men proposed in the local pub – and 5.5% popped the question in the car.

The study also found the average amount of time in a relationship before a proposal is now three years – so British women are taking matters into their own hands in a bid to get a proposal.

Almost a third of women 29% now end up choosing their own ring, rather than letting their partner decide.

The typical bride-to-be will also enlist the help of at least one friend to help speed up a proposal – as well as dropping two major engagement hints to encourage their partner to pop the question.

Casually asking ‘Who would you want as your best man?’, commenting on celebrities' engagement rings - and jokingly suggesting you apply for the TV show ‘Don't Tell the Bride’ are the most common tactics.

十大热门求婚地点 猜猜第一名是哪里?

Lorna Haddon, diamond ring and jewellery buyer at Beaverbrooks who commissioned the study of 1,500 newlyweds, commented: "The stresses and strains of modern life mean we don’t always have the time to be as romantic as we would perhaps like to be.

"Busy lives and hectic schedules mean we have fewer hours in the day for romance – however our study shows women do still want the ‘picture perfect proposal’ – and it's not only picking the perfect engagement ring that counts.

“The location, atmosphere and little details that mean a lot to them really make a proposal personal and truly special, and as it’s a once in a lifetime occasion it’s well worth making the effort."

十大热门求婚地点 猜猜第一名是哪里?

Top 10 modern proposal destinations

1. At home – 49%
1. 家中-49%

2. On a day out – 7%
2. 出门约会-7%

3. On holiday abroad – 6%
3. 出国度假-6%

4. The local pub – 6%
4. 当地酒吧-6%

5. On holiday in the UK – 5%
5. 国内度假-6%

6. In the car – 5.5%
6. 车内-5.5%

7. At a restaurant – 4.5%
7. 餐厅-4.5%

8. In the garden – 2%
8. 花园-2%

9. On the beach – 2%
9. 沙滩-2%

10. In a Hotel – 1%
10. 酒店-1%