Section C

Passage one

The massive decline in sleep happens so slowly and quietly that feel seems trend. because the growing attraction of the video games and endless TV channels. never disconnecting from work, no matter how it happened, millions of Americans are putting their health or …of their life even life endanger. new evidence shows why getting enough sleep is the top priority. Some 40% of the Americans get less than 7 hours. Believe between sleep and health, and bad sleep and disease is becoming clearer and clearer says L , Harvard University. For example, sleep duration has declined from some 8 hours 1950s to 7 in recent years, at the same time high blood pressure is becoming an increasing problem. Blood pressure are typically at lowest levels high during sleep people who sleepless and have high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, and other problems. Sleeping better may help fight of illnesses, when people sleep deprived their high levels of stress Hormons in their bodies which can decrease immune function says Doctor P of western university in Chicago, the university of Chicago study shows people who sleep well live longer so say goodnight sooner and it may help you stay active and vital to a right old age.

16.What is the speaker mainly talking about?

17.What do we learn from the talked-about days of Americans?

18. What does the speaker say will happen to people who lack of sleep?

Passage 2

Parents and teachers will tell you not to worry when apply for a place in university, but in the same breath, they will remind you that it is the most important decision of your life. The first decision is your choice of course, it would depend on what you want to get out of university, what you are good at and what you enjoy. The next decision is where to apply. Aim high but within reason. Do you have the right commendation of subjects? And are your expectedgrades likely to meet into your requirements? The deadline is January 15th, but it’s better to submits your application early because universities began work as soon as forms rolling in. The most important part of the application is the much feared personal statement. This is your chance to convey bondless enthusiasm for the subject, so expression is for most. ? and ineffective generalities, and make sure you give the concrete examples. Admission officers will read every personal statements that arrives. It’s not convincing if you say you have chosen a subject because you enjoy it. You have to get across what it is about a particular area that has inspired you. They will look for evidence that you have reflected and thought about the subject. Applicants should be honest. There is no point saying you run marathons if you are going to be out of breath arriving at the interview on the second floor.

19. what is the first decision you should made when apply?

20. what is the most important part of the application?

21. what must applicants do in their personal statements?

Passage 3 (motor car)

Passage Three

It is usually agreed that JC Benz built the first motor car in 1885. It was actually a tricycle with a petrol motor and XX. Soon, members of the royal family and other wealthy people to XX motory as a sport. Many of the early cars have two seats. There were no petrol XX and few garages. So every driver had to be his own engineer for the frequent breakdowns. By 1905, cars began to look like cars of today with head lamps with screen and number plates. Henry Ford’s Model T introduced in America in 1909, which cheaper because it was made on the assembly line. It brought cars close to both the rich and ordinary people. With the popularity of the car, registration became a must in 1903 with a motor car owner. Competency tests were introduced in 1955. Today the legal driving age of car in the UK is 17. You are not allowed to drive a car on XX until you pass the driving test. In 1958, Britain celebrated the opening of its first motor way, the Briston bypass. Until then, no one understood what a motor way was, not even a labor who were building it. The bypass held a new era in motor travel and was greeted with excitement and optimism. Service stations came with the motor way. And the legend of transport cafe was born. Of course, the service station has diversified greatly. But whether its English cooked breakfast or coffee and sandwich, one thing has remained the same, the XX.

22/ what does the speaker say about the first motor car?

23/ what was the problem the cars in Britain?

24/ Why did HF’s Model T cars cost less?

25/ what do we learn about the bypass?