Unwittingly, dependence on smart phones make a person's posture changes. Her body tends to bend and often stiff neck. This condition is also spreading to the wrist. 
One of the 'trend' recently researchers have realized is the thumb size of mobile phone fans. This fact was revealed in a survey conducted a phone manufacturer from the UK, O2 of the 2,000 respondents. 
According to research, the size of the thumb of people who spend a lot of time with her cell phone could be 15 percent larger than the others, especially in the dominant hand is concerned. 
This trend is most often seen in the mobile phone users aged 18-34, and 1 in 8 people proved to have the magnification of the thumb as a result of constantly pressing the touch screen cell phone. 
Not only that, more and more mobile phone users claim their little finger slightly curved for the same reason. Total one-third of mobile users who recognize the physical changes due to the use of mobile phones. 
How not, the same research reveal the average time each person spends on his cell phone for two hours a day. 19 percent even claim could not live without a cell phone even if only for a day. 
"The muscles of our thumbs are very complex and are located at the base of the thumb, but also connected with the wrist. So as a result of 'thumb swiping' or slide the screen with your thumb can increase muscle strength, as well as its mass so that the thumb becomes increasingly bigger," explains therapist hands Nicola Goldsmith. 
But in such research is not stated whether this fact is alarming or vice versa. "Along with the development of technology, the enlarged thumb or pinkie bent will become the norm, especially for the younger generation," added Goldsmith. 
Instead, an orthopedist, Dr. mudit Khanna said that in addition to the enlargement of muscle mass thumb actual form of disability, basically this can lead to injury. 
"If the muscles are not ready to be used continuously for 'swiping', then there is a repeated injury can affect flexibility and intense pain," he said as reported by the Times of India. 
Another danger that may arise from the use of mobile phones for a long time is carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist and fingers, as well as arthritis and tendinitis. 
"It is not easy to separate someone from their phone. But be aware that putting a pause on the thumb on a regular basis in their favor," added Khanna. 
magnification: 放大 
pinkie: 小手指 
carpal: 腕骨