I hate saying goodbye to my dogs; the two of them look longingly with their big dopey eyes as I close the door and leave for work. It’s enough to break a grown man’s heart. 
That’s where GoBone comes in. A Kickstarter toy designed by PulsePet to give your dog attention and playtime when you’re not home, the GoBone is an autonomous bone that rolls around your house during the day just so your dog can chase it and chew it whenever he’s feeling playful. 
While the GoBone looks more a cross between a remote-control car and a broom than a bone, it seems to get the job done. Two large, rubber wheels help GoBone glide over any flooring surface, and a crude tail keeps the toy moving when Fido inevitably flips it over. 
The folks at PulsePet say dogs fall in love with the toy since it’s not only something they can chase around all day, but also because you can also cram it full of treats or cover sections in peanut butter. The toy’s software can also be tailored to your dog’s age, size and activity level to ensure it keeps your dog engaged without running him ragged. 
When your dog does eventually catch the GoBone, it automatically shuts down so he can chew it to its heart’s content. And when your dog is tuckered out and puts the toy down, it will start back up again and roll away. 
A smartphone app lets you take control of the GoBone when you’re home so you can use it to play with your dog, record video without leaving the GoBone app, schedule times when the GoBone should be active and view your pet’s overall activity. So if your pooch has a particularly large paunch, the GoBone might be able to help him or her shed some pounds. 
PulsePet also wisely chose to make the external pieces of its robo-chew toy replaceable, so when your pup annihilates the GoBone’s wheels, you can swap them out for a new pair. 
Here’s the thing, though. While one of my dogs is playful and would likely love the GoBone, my other dog is so skittish she’s afraid of her own shadow. I’m not exactly sold on the fact that my anxious dog would enjoy having a robo-monster zooming around the house when I’m not home. All of that is to say that the GoBone probably isn’t for every dog out there. 
There’s one other caveat: Since a Kickstarter campaign is funding the GoBone, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever be able to buy one. The company is, however, planning to begin mass production of the toy in September. 
So far, PulsePet has raised $24,000 of its $60,000 goal with 29 days to go before the fundraising period ends. If you pledge $300 to back the GoBone, the company says it will send you one and a second to a needy shelter pup. |
tuckered out: 极其疲倦的,筋疲力尽的
annihilate: 毁灭,彻底击败
skittish: 易受惊的
caveat: 警告,告诫