Directions: For this part, you areallowed 30 minutes to write an essay commenting on the remark “Earthprovides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’sgreed”. You may cite some examples support you view. You should write atleast 150 words but no more than 200 words。


谚语本身的难度一般,其中要注意greed, 即为greedy(贪婪)的名词。







Earth, as aremark has it, provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’sgreed. In other words, natural resources of the world are abundant enough tomeet the demand of human beings. Nevertheless, should people exploit naturalresources of the Earth recklessly and excessively, these resources would beexhausted one day. Simple as the remark may sound, it conveys athought-provoking notion that we should effectively protect, rationally exploitand economize on natural resources。

Saving suchresources as water, coal, oil and wood could ensure the sustainable developmentof the society and environment. Otherwise, nothing would be left for the futuregeneration. The Amazon rainforest, which is called the lung of the Earth, is acase in point. Due to deforestation, the area of the Amazon rainforest has beendwindling year by year and many species there are endangered。

In short, wehave only one Earth. On no account could we exploit natural resourcesexcessively. Hence, it is imperative for us to cherish and protect the naturefor the benefit of future generations and ourselves. Only in this way can wepreserve a beautiful, harmonious, abundant and varied world。

(长沙新东方 高杰)