Direction:For this part, you are allowed 30minutes to write a short essay based on the picture below. You should focus onthe harm caused by misleading information online. You are required to write atleast 150 words but no more than 200 words.




As is graphicallyrevealed in the cartoon, a few employees are holding

a conference in themeeting room equipped with advanced devices. However, the moststriking feature of the drawing is that the man in the center, whoseems like a manager, says that they have lots of informationtechnology, while useful information is badly needed. Simple as theillustration seems, it discloses a serious problem that it israther hard to obtain helpful information in the highly modernizedsociety.

A multitude of reasonscan account for the phenomenon. On the one hand, it can bepartially due to the fact that the modern technology has beendeveloping at an incredible speed, which provides a booming amountof information and it is difficult to tell the right from thewrong. On the other hand, it is also because the restriction aboutspreading information on the Internet is far from perfect, makingit difficult to get rid of the problem effectively andfundamentally.

From my perspective,it is high time that we transferred our focus from developingtechnology to searching for something helpful. Only in this way canwe acquire what we literally need.

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The cartoon, vivid and explicit, unfolds a sense to us, in which a woman, who stands by the door, makes a cup of coffee for her husband. However, the most striking feature of the drawing is that the husband, working in front of a computer, says that he feels unfortunate to live in a world with so much misleading information. Simple as the illustration seems, it discloses a serious problem that it is rather hard to obtain useful and helpful information in the highly modernized society.

Harmful are the impacts of the phenomenon and I would like to explore the following aspects. For one thing, by no means can we deny that nothing poses a greater threat to a corporation's strategy of development than the misleading information, the harm of which can never be ignored. For another, this kind of cheat also makes it impossible for individuals, especially adolescents, to tell the right from the wrong.

From my perspective, it is high time that the authorities concerned established relevant regulations to better the environment of the virtual world. Only in this way can both people and our country benefit a lot from the development of high technology.

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Graphically revealed in this cartoon is that two youngsters are having a conversation. However, the most striking feature of it is that the man on the leftis saying without hesitation that he loves reading and his favorite book is Facebook. Apparently, the purpose of this cartoon unfolds a conspicuous fact that social networking websites exert adverse impacts on our reading. Several factors can be responsible for this phenomenon. For one thing, with our science and economy enhanced remarkably, people in growing numbers tend to share their moments of life on social networks, and therefore, it is difficult for us to concentrate on what we want to read. For another, there are various kinds of information on the internet, and as a result, they may be easily distracted by other information so much that they may ignore what they are really interested in.

To sum up, social network websites may pose a potential and probable threat to our reading. We are supposed to spend more time on reading paper books instead of staying on the social networking websites. Only in this way can we gradually terminate the negative influence of social networking websites.

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