Think Positive and Feel Positive
Are you confident or insecure in a difficult situation? / Do you react positively or negatively? / The answer may depend in part on whom you’re around. / A study found that negative thinking can be contagious in some cases. / For example, the researchers studied 103 college roommates. / They measured each roommate’s tendency towards negative thinking. / It was found that thinking patterns can be contagious. / Students with a negative thinking roommate became more depressed themselves, / and students with more positive thinking roommates / were more likely to become more positive as well.
1. success
2. challenging settings
3. National Spelling Contest
4. passion and perseverance
5. future a reality
6. marathon
7. grittier
8. measures of talent
9. not fixed / changeable
10. a temporary condition
1. Why does the woman call the man?
答案:[D] To tell the man the procedure of the interview.
2. What kind of questions can the man ask in the interview?
答案:[A] Questions related to the job.
3. Which is the last part of the interview?
答案:[C]Presentation from the interviewee.
4. What might be expected from the man’s presentation?
答案:[D]Company future and his contribution.
5. When is the interview scheduled?
答案:[B]11 a.m. ,next Thursday.
6. What is the interview mainly about?
答案:[C] How to handle the problem of college loans.
7. How does the cost of college education change every year?
答案:[A]It was increased by 6 to 8%.
8. What is used to measure student loan debt as a guideline?
答案:[B]First year salary after graduation.
9. What is the advantage of joining a college savings plan?
答案:[D]Students withdraw without paying tax.
10. What is the possible social cost of a college loan?
答案:[A]Giving up charitable or volunteer work.