46. The author was advised against the improper use of figures of speech. 对应I段

47. The author's mother taught him a valuable lesson by pointing out lots of flaws in his seemingly perfect essay. 对应C段

48. A writer should polish his writing repeatedly so as to get closer to perfection. 对应K段

49. Writers may experience periods of time in their life when they just can't produce anything. 对应E段

50. The author was not much surprised when his school teacher marked his essay as "flawless". 都应B段

51. Criticizing someone's speech is said to be easier than coming up with a better one.  对应F段

52. The author looks upon his mother as his most demanding and caring instructor. 对应A段

53. The criticism the author received from his mother changed him as a person. 对应H段

54. The author gradually improved his writing by avoiding fancy language. 对应J段

55. Constructive criticism gives an author a good start to improve his writing. 对应G段