A: How many foreign languages can you speak?
B: Only English.
A: What do you think of your English?
B: I have passed CET-6 and I am proficient in reading and translating foreign materials. I have rich translating experience because I used to be an English translator.
B:我拥有大学英语六级证书,能够熟练 阅读和翻译外文资料。我曾经担任过 英语翻译,有较丰富的翻译经验。
A: Can you speak English fluently?
B: I have received an oral English training and I can communicate with others fluently.
B:我参加过英语口语培训,能够熟练运 用英语进行交流。
A: Did you take TOEFL or GRE?
B: Yes, I did. I got 600 in TOEFL and 2, 300 in GRE.
B:是的,我托福考了 600分,GRE考了 2300 分
A: When did you begin to learn English?
B: I started to learn English when I was in primary school.
A: Do you think your English is good e-nough to do office work?
A:你觉得你的英语可以胜任办公室工作 吗?
B: The amount of English I know enables me to do general desk work. I believe the amount of English I know is sufficient to work in a South Korea firm.
B:我所会的英语可使我做各种办公室工 作。我相信我所懂的英语在韩国公司 工作是足够的。