Governments have done enough to educate the people the importance of a healthy lifestyle and balanced eating.

【老师点睛】此题目含义为 “政府是否在向人们倡导健康生活方式和均衡饮食方面做得足够好了”。稍加思考就会发现,这个题目暗含着两个方面即:健康的生活方式和均衡的饮食。



(Governments need to do more work on educating people the importance of healthy lifestyle, especially on publicity and the construction of public sports facilities. For one thing, due to lack of programs about healthy lifestyle, many people in the modern society pick up various bad habits, such as staying up late, smoking, drinking excessively and even taking drugs. For another, owing to the desperate shortage of public sports facilites, people can do exercises nowhere. For example, in my community, there is only a small playcourt with few sports equipments, which is full of people. Even worse, some equipments are out of use because of no maintanence.)


(In addition, the education of balanced eating habits require more efforts from government, especially in the inspection of food hygiene and safety as well as publicity of regular eating habits. On one hand, food safety has always been one of the hottest topic in our country. Due to the limited inspection of government, many business owners use many illegal food addictives or chemicals in their products. On the other hand, many people formed bad eating habits without gaining sufficient guides from government. For example, many white-collars choose to eat junk foods due to the rapid pace of life. Other young people even do not have breakfast, all that do great harm to their health. )


It is a waste of money for government's fund to space travel or space exploration?




Government should spend money on education, because this practice not only conforms to the interests of the majorities but also cultivate various talents for the successful development of our country.


Secondly, government should invest money in economic development, since the boom of economy will improve the living standard of the public as well as the raise the policical status in the world.


Admittedly, there are certain benefits of investing money in space exploration, such as developing new energy source and even finding an alternative home for human beings. However, compared with the reasons provided for our viewpoint, these advantages seem lackluster. Therefore, I am still convinced that spending money on space exploration is a waste of money for government because govenmental investment should be devoted to solving more pressing issues such as education and economy.